Booking A Caterer For Tobacco Ranch

Booking A Caterer For Tobacco Ranch

We supply the venue, you supply the caterer - but don’t let that scare you! We have a large kitchen prep room that includes a few industrial sized tables to prep food as well as a sink, an industrial freezer and refrigerator. There are several different directions you can go. In the past we have had food trucks, people bbq onsite with a smoker, or bring in the food fully cooked at the time of the reception. All great options - it’s really up to you!

When calling around to different caterers, keep in mind these questions provided by

  • Do you have our wedding date available?

  • Do you have any other obligations that day?

  • How will your staff balance multiple events that day (or weekend)?

  • Have you ever catered at our venue before?

  • Can you accomplish our vision at our venue?

  • What are your specific needs to be able to cater at our venue?

  • How much space will you need in the venue?

  • How much time will you need for set-up and clean-up at our venue?

One more suggestion - TASTE TEST! Request samples of exactly the food you want at your wedding.

If you have any more questions please contact us at 989-386-2221.